Apply for Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation online.

Welcome to the Rufford Foundation Applications page

The Rufford Foundation provides funding for small nature/biodiversity conservation projects and pilot programmes in developing countries. This section of the Foundation website allows you to apply for funding online, and to maintain your contact and biographical information if you have already received a grant from the Foundation.

All Applicants

Please download and read the Guidelines For Applicants document before making an application. This file contains vital information about the application procedure, as well as details of all the information you will need to submit to the Foundation.

New Applicants

If you have never applied for a Rufford Small Grant, you will need to register on this site. Please read the application criteria before registering, to ensure that your proposed project meets the basic requirements.

Previous Applicants

If you have a forum login on the Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation website, or you have already submitted an application through this website, please log in using the box on the left of this page. (Forgotten your password?).

If you have never received a forum login from the Foundation, or have mislaid your details, please use the password retrieval function.



Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept applications from Cuba due to banking sanctions that are beyond our control. As soon as the situation changes we will remove this notice.


Due to a dramatic rise in the number of applications from Bhutan in recent months, the Trustees decided they could no longer accept any further applications. The Trustees are currently in the process of reviewing this decision. It is hoped that the Rufford Foundation would again be able to invite applications later this year.