Apply for a Rufford Small Grant

The Rufford Foundation provides funding for nature conservation projects in developing countries.

This section of the website allows you to apply for funding online, and to edit your Personal Profile if you have already received a grant from the Foundation.

How to Apply

1. Learn about the grants available.

Grants Available from The Rufford Foundation

  • The Rufford Foundation provides startup funding for nature conservation projects in developing countries.
  • The funding process is staged, with five levels of support.
  • Grants start at £6,000 and increase to £15,000 for projects that successfully complete each stage.
  • All applications are assessed, by the Foundation's in-house team and external specialists.
  • Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply after 12 months.
Find out more about the different grants.

2. Check that you are eligible to apply.

Am I Eligible to Apply?

  • Your project must have a nature conservation focus.
  • Any species you are working on must be considered threatened.
  • Your project must not be in a developed country.
  • Your project must not be in a restricted country.
  • You should be in the early stages of your conservation career.
  • Please also note the following:
  • Our focus is supporting MSc or PhD students or those who have recently graduated from such studies, though others can apply if they fit the main criteria above. However, we do NOT fund undergraduate students.
Read the full criteria for grant applications.

3. Create an account and access the application form.

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