Apply for Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation online.

Application Criteria

Before applying for a Grant, please read these criteria carefully to determine whether your project is eligible.You are also encouraged to review the current RSG projects to see if there is already one in your area before you apply.

General Criteria for All Grants

  • Projects should focus on nature conservation activities in developing countries.
  • The grant requested must make up a significant part of the total budget.
  • The project should normally be of 12 to 18 months duration although each application is assessed on its own merit and the project length can be flexible.
  • Funds must be used predominantly for field-based activities.
  • The impact of the project must be pragmatic, measurable and long lasting.

General Exclusions for All Grants

The following types of projects will not generally be eligible:

  • Projects in developed countries.
  • Pure research with no obvious conservation benefit.
  • Expeditions, particularly where the applicant has to raise funds in order to participate.
  • Attending conferences or seminars.

More detailed criteria, together with an explanation of the application process, are available in the Guidelines For Applicants (PDF) document, which must be read before submitting a grant application.

New Applicants

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